OmniFocus License

Do you guys have a traditional license or monthly subscription?

I’ve gone back to OF and never want an excuse to leave again… so is it worth buying a standalone license? I hate the fact you have to purchase the iOS one separately. Apparently OF4 will be just once license.

I have a traditional license. The initial purchase is a bit high, but they’re a lot cheaper than the subscription if you are upgrading your license, getting the discount. My initial purchase was before the subscription option was launched.


I‘m on the „Traditional“ Way.
As the OmniGroup seems not to be releasing a new Major Version every year, the traditional way seems to be cheaper…


I just decided to go back to OF as well. I still have OF2 on the Mac but bought the iOS version of OF3. They confirmed to me that any purchase of OF3 right now will entitle to a free upgrade for OF4, which will be on Mac and iOS in one purchase. So if you can live with the version for only one platform for a while, you will get the cross-platform edition for a fairly good price once it’s published. (I don’t know the pricing for OF4, but I recon it will be higher than the current iOS app alone).

That is an awesome idea… I very rarely use OF on iOS anyway… now you’ve got me thinking…

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