Omnifocus Location-Search Based Tags

Hi folks,

Back in the day, Omnifocus on iOS used to allow a boolean search for context/tag locations. This was super helpful for types of shops or locations that are known by a variety of names.

eg. For thrift stores I’d use a search like: “op shop” or “second hand” or “vintage”
or for places to buy fuel: “BP” or “Caltex” or “Mobil” or “Gull”

Anyone know of a smart way to allow for this kind of functionality? I REALLY miss it.


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It’s still there. Video on Dropbox

Hmm - the video doesn’t seem to play for me… it shows playing, but just sits at the very start with a blank screen.

Dropbox link works!

I edited and made a direct link

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That allows for just one search term.
In OF years back, it was possible to search for multiple terms. Eg. “suit” or “menswear” or “men’s clothing”

The “nearby” perspective would deliver nearby results for ANY of those terms that were available.

As far as I’m aware, the Boolean search went away when they switch the OF location backend from google maps to Apple maps (though I might be confusing that with other location related conversations I had with OF at the time)

Anyway, I’m wondering if there’s a workaround or other solution anyone’s found.


I did some testing, it still seems to work for me.


“Lowe’s” or “Home Depot” or “Menards” finds the Lowe’s 2 miles away
“Home Depot” or “Lowe’s” or “Menards” finds the Home Depot 2 miles away
Target or Wal-mart finds the Wal-mart 2 miles away, which is closer than the Target 3 miles away.

So strange… I don’t get that result at all…
Which version are you running?

I wonder if me being in New Zealand is a factor… The maps apps used to be flakier here than North America, but that isn’t such an issue these days…

Latest OF 3 beta and iOS 12 public beta. Both or ether could be a factor.

PS. I am testing in Kansas CIty MO, USA.

Same same here…

Hope geography isn’t the bug because that’s an expensive fix. :-/

Weirder still… I just heard from Omni Group, who say Boolean search isn’t implemented, and it’s still a fair way down their requested feature list.

How do you have this working? Are you a witch?

Maybe I chose easy search terms. I never used Boolean search in OmniFocus until this topic.