Omnifocus Mail Drop?

I am trying to setup tasks for myself via e-mail using Omnifocus Mail Drop.

Doing a small project, my friend and I do tasks via email, we’ve tried Trello and Slack. When both of us are on it, it works, but once the circle of people gets bigger, more people forget to check it.

Since most of us use Omnifocus, what if we each just e-mailed the tasks required to each person’s Omnifocus inbox, I just need to figure out if there is a way to have it auto-assign the project, flag, dates, etc.

Any luck?

While there isn’t a native way for this to happen there are a few options:

  • Joe Buhlig’s OmniFocus Parsing AppleScript. I added one line to the start of the first tell here - synchronize and have Zapier (which adds the tasks in my case) put a file in a folder where Hazel runs the AppleScript.
  • Have TaskPaper saved to a Dropbox folder and Keyboard Maestro paste that into OF.
  • Wait for shared tasks in OF (they’re on the roadmap for this year).

+1 for Joe Buhlig’s script. It works very well. I use it with a keyboard maestro macro that asks me some questions and then fills the subject line with the required info. Great timesaver :slight_smile: