OmniFocus or Fantastical

Odd question. By chance this week, I have a lot of phone calls to make this week for following up with several members. The calls aren’t time bound or scheduled. Imagine something like “call Bob this week for a check-in”

Does it make more sense for this to be in Fantastical or OmniFocus? I was leaning towards OmniFocus, but wondering on everyone else’s experience.

Not timed = Omnifocus


OmniFocus until you decide when to do it. Then Fantastical on the day of, or whatever you use to track what you’re going to do that day.


I would only schedule individual check-ins you know you’ll have to do at a certain time unless you like to time-block your day. OF is great for burning through a list like this as you have opportunity.

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Consider blocking off time in your calendar to make phone calls. When this appointment comes along, work through available actions that are tagged with “Phone”, starting with those that are due soon or flagged. To make this even more convenient, you can drag your Phone tag into Fantastical to create an appointment that links to your list of phone calls in OmniFocus (this also works in Calendar and BusyCal).


I really like this, very amazing advice.

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This is great! This didn’t even cross my mind with the tags and this integration!! I love the ideas generated by this community in helping us all grow.

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Tim’s suggestion is awesome. I use a similar approach at work, I have daily slots for calls and feedback that I fill with actions from OF

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I’m anti-time blocking because whenever I don’t follow the blocks, I feel bad, like I’m breaking an agreement with myself. This is a fundamental aspect of GTD in particular. I would put the calls in my tasks app (with a due date if necessary) and simply do them when I have time and energy or before they are due.