OmniFocus peeps, listen to our own Andy Bliss talk about his set up

@andybliss was interviewed on The Omni Show and talked about how he uses Omnifocus—and he’s been using it since 2010. it was a great episode for any GTD/OF people out there. @MacSparky and @ismh have created a community that incentivzes thoughtful, intelligent, and helpful discussion. So, it’s especially nice when publishers, podcasters, youtubers, and the like reach out to MPU people as thought leaders.

It was a great discussion @andybliss! I really liked your observation that the calendar is finite, but the list manager is infinite. Many of us have made observations similar to that, but you framed it so perfectly.

You can listen here: ‎The Omni Show: How Andy Bliss Uses OmniFocus on Apple Podcasts


Thanks for the info., I just downloaded the show to listen to during my run today.

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Hooray @andybliss ! I’ll add this to my list.

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