Omnifocus Today Persepctive

hey MPU,

I am trying to look through my perspectives and organizing them with a widget. Is there a “today” perspective or is just forecast? Ideally, I am trying to create a “Omnifocus Control Center” Screen on my iPad. I want to have 1 Inbox widget and 5 large ‘perspective’ widgets on my screen, that all show ‘today’s stuff according to the project’.

Top row - Inbox, Project 1 Perspective, Project 2 perspective
Bottom row - Project 3, 4, 5 perspectives.

But each perspective, showing either 1) today’s list 2) i can settle with just a list of all things upcoming

I don’t think you can only view tasks due today, sadly. I would love to see this added to perspective options. If you’re not overwhelmed with overdue tasks, and don’t have a lot due in the next 1-2 days often (e.g. you have a lot of tasks every Friday rather than evenly distributed across the week), Has a Due Date combined with Due Soon will sort of get you this view.

This is relevant to OmniFocus on macOS, so I am not sure if it affects the iPad version, but in the settings for the Forecast perspective you can tell OF to always show items with a specific tag (“Today” or something else) in the today section of the perspective.

Click on today’s date in the Forecast and that shows only tasks due today. Is that what you want?

Rereading your post, I see that it’s not enough.