Omnifocus - total redo

Ii have been an Omnifocus user for a number of years, but have fallen off the wagon and want to start over with a new database. I cannot remember the best way to do this.

I wonder if my best bet is to set up a new omni account or use my current account? Last time I did this I think I set up a new account and got a specific email address for sending email items to OF.

Please advise. Thanks!

I have OmniFocus Pro 3.0.

Might be a better question for the Omni forum:

I imagine, though, that there’s some way of selecting all items and archiving them, backing up the archive, and then deleting them from your active database. Creating new accounts seems unnecessary.

Thanks, great idea!
I appreciate your response.

I did this recently. I’m pretty sure I just changed my project view to show all (including completed) and just select all -> delete. Same with contexts.

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