OmniFocus Training by David Sparks

Does anyone know if David’s screen cast covers the same things that his video on covers? I’ve watched the one on and am trying to figure out if it’s worth getting the screencast. I’m also considering “Creating Flow with Omnifocus -2” by Kourosh Dini. Does anyone have any recommendation out of these, or any other guides on more advanced OmniFocus use?

I bought the Field Guide. I haven’t watched the Lynda video. I did note that the video is 111 minutes long while the Field Guide is 194 minutes. On the other hand the Field Guide covers both the macOS and iOS platforms while on there are two 111 minute videos, but just glancing at the table of contents for the video it looks to be a bit more basic. I wouldn’t call either of these “advanced” but they ended up using the software in a more complex way that I do – OmniFocus is supposed to simplify my life, not drag it down! YMMV.

I haven’t seen the Lynda video either but I would definitely recommend getting the video field guide. It worth its weight in gold and reasonably priced.
Even if there is repetition, it takes awhile to really figure out OF, so the repitition is worth it.

I have watched the Lynda videos and own the F2 Field Guide. The Field Guide is a much deeper dive. That being said, I understand David is creating a new guide for OF3 that will be a separate purchase.

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I would definitely wait until the end of August for the release of the new version of Omnifocus for mac. David has said that his new Omnifocus field Guide will be released around that time. Then I would definitely buy it. It’s a great resource.

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With any productivity system, the idea is to take what you need out of someone else’s workflow and apply it to your own. You won’t need all the other stuff until/if you need it.

I’ve gotten a lot by seeing what others are doing. I’ve been stuck on the OF2 method of using a single context/tags for a long time. I looked at how others are using multiple tags. Now I’m just applying a couple of tags when it makes sense. I’m not going hog wild on something like multiple tags. But I can use it when I want to. I haven’t quite found a use for Forecast tags but I’ll get around to that when/if I need it.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly happy with OF2. I just don’t have anything complicated in my life anymore (I’m retired). I’m almost always just on the Forecast pane and don’t use tags or contexts. Only occasionally have I set up projects with multiple consecutive actions. That’s as far as I need. And I do make heavy use of the syncing between the Mac and iPhone/Watch. Probably won’t upgrade to OF3 since it offers nothing I need.

I bought the Field Guide when I was trying out OmniFocus so appreciate that it explained what all the fields are used for, with examples. So I do know what it can do. Your Bruce Lee quote is apt.

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Thank you everyone for your help!