OmniFocus updates

I am a very long-time user of OmniFocus. I’m excited to see the new updates but I am going to wait until they are available in both iOS and OS. Why would I want to go through the hassle of using two versions just to get in on the game? I will admit that most of my OmniFocus use is on my desktop, so that may be the driver around my decision.


Thanks for your note. I think I was in a crabby (or overworked) mode when I posted. Thanks for you comment. Fun is good. So is curiosity. From a solely practical standpoint I’d love to have started with OS.

For what it’s worth, like you, I am primarily a MacOS user. I’m currently using V2 on the Mac and V3 on iOS and it’s fine. No conflicts whatsoever.

I’m using none of the features of V3 yet, except for one: Custom alarms, to give me a little nudge to make sure things that need doing early in the day get done early in the day.

I’ve been using of3 on ios for a month and while I’ll probably upgrade the mac version when it comes out, I haven’t missed it. Sync is reliable and I always have my phone next to me. of3 split screen on ipad is preferable for mail triage.

At this point, Omnifocus on the Mac is just a capture tool for me now that Omnifocus 3 is only on iOS. I’ve dived DEEP into Tags over Contexts and been applying multiple tags for most tasks, which means processing them on the Mac is a no-go for me. It all depends on which version you use more, I guess, and I’m much more of an iOS user of Omnifocus than Mac. I guess sync between the two versions is okay? But I’m too scared to test it out and really give it a fair shake given all my new iOS-exclusive data.

Interesting you use multiple tags. What type of tags do you use?

I always had very general contexts, like “Communications” or “Technology” or different locations like “Home” or “Work”, so being able to combine them for Technology things I can only do at Work has been a life changer. I’ve even added “Someday”, “Low Energy”, and even specific stores like my local Target and grocery store for the first time, with locations and notifications when I show up. Having the option to add more than one Tag has given me much more freedom to experiment and do absurd things with them. My next step is to play with custom perspectives, too - I finally have Omnifocus Pro for the first time so I’m excited to completely change up how Omnifocus works. My first idea is to have a Lazy Sunday perspective that’s only Low Energy things I can do at Home.

Tags has completely changed how I do Projects as well, but that’s another topic entirely :smile:

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I’m a PC user because of work but have an iPad and an iPhone. I’m using OF primarily on my phone because it’s with me everywhere although when I purchased the software, I thought I’d primarily access it on the iPad. Version 3 is well worth it for the tags. Rather than being limited to putting a task in a single perspective, I can add multiple tags. Sounds minor but really helps with monitoring tasks.

Incidentally, is everyone aware you can use Amazon Alexa to add tasks into OF? During my morning “routine” when projects occur to me, I can tell Alexa to add the task. Pretty cool.

Didn’t know this but am intrigued! Is this an official Alexa Skill that Omni Group has released, or is it something hacked together using IFFFT/Zapier + text files published to a server/synced Mac + Hazel/KM rule?

I’m really leased Omni are continuing to develop the design of OF in such thoughtful ways. But I use OF nearly exclusively on the Mac, with iOS basically only for capture, so I’m waiting until OF3 is out for Mac before I spend time thinking how to reorient things around tags. I think it will be super powerful, though!

I am looking forward to the update and expect I will use the tags. My minor concern is that I will get carried away with tags. The contexts felt too restrictive at first, but I think they helped reign me in and focus on getting the work done more than building the perfect task list. But progress is good and I’m happy to see developments.

In the IFTTT website, search for “Send Amazon Echo ToDos to OmniFocus” It’s convenient adding OF to dos this way instead of reaching for my phone.