Omnifocus - Why is this a "Big Deal"?

I tried to go back to Omnifocus again and just couldn’t. I relied heavily on perspectives and the lack of UI improvements there really annoy me (fuzzy search, lists, etc.). Then, from an automation perspective shortcuts allow you to pull data but editing data in Omnifocus via shortcuts is a problem. (Why can’t I automate completing a task or editing a tag?). If there isn’t a feature they suggest writing plugins; really? I really want to use Omnifocus but feel like they’ve lost their way. I’m hoping what I’m saying is wrong and someone corrects me sending me back to Omnifocus… :confused:

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I really like Andrey and we’ve become friends. If he ever ports MLO to the Mac, he won’t admit he’s doing until it’s 90% done.

I offered to help him port and test the iPad app on the Mac using the porting technology.


All valid replies here as to what it does that others do not however pretty much all of this is what drove me to leave OF. Its become a UI mess, ungodly amount of options when I just want something to list my tasks and allow me to manage them and get out of the way. OF always kept me in the mental space of “is this the best way to do this (in OF)” or “how should I do this? Tags? Folders?, etc”. It just because too much an I was managing my task manager more than my tasks. Honestly DevonThink falls into this category for me as well, I probably only use 1% of its features but unfortunately there isn’t an alternative that allows me to control my data and capture data the way it allows, so I stick with it.