OmniOutliner Omni Sync Server Omni Presence having problems

I used OmniOutline infrequently but find it invaluable when I do need it. What I do find a pain in the patootie is synching through the SyncServer/OmniPresence. I’m using iCloud to sync my Documents and Desktop and get a warning sign when I try to set up OmniPresence. Do I really need to use their service?

Last summer Omni re-architected its apps to support the document browser in iOS so you should be able to just use iCloud Drive.

The Omni file format has always been a strange kludge-y beast; not sure about now but OmniOutliner documents used to be seen as directories in macOS so as to handle attachments.


Thanks—NOT very clear in the documentation.Do you think I could use Dropbox just as easily? I have both (along with iCloud)–use them for different things

Never tried, but Omni says it works. (That link also says they migrated to a new ‘flat’ file format that addresses the issue I mentioned above about using file packages.)

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Thanks for the replies!