On-screen volume control

Many have complained about iOS’s on-screen volume indicator obscuring a large central portion of the screen. Not a problem for audio sources but it is painful for video.

It makes sense to make the volume control very prominent so users who are running into audio issues can get things going. So a system-wide change probably isn’t needed but during video? Argh…


Some apps (e.g. Youtube) implement their own “video-friendly” version of the volume adjustment UI and its such a much nicer experience. Usually, it’s in the form of a line across the top or bottom of the video.

Will Apple ever make the change?

I think it is unlikely that apple will make a change unless it is part of a larger UI redesign. I think it’s just hard to get volume UI right, I know that android is changing the default behaviour again, in the next version.

Like a lot of UI I would like the ability to make it silent, remove the pop up entirely