One MacMini 2018. Two monitors

Hello. I’d love some guidance with this. I am ready to step into the 2 monitor ecosystem! I would like to keep project management and Calendar visible on one screen and active applications on the

The Dell U2718Q is connected to MacMini via HDMI and working well. MacMini currently has 4 open USB C sockets.

My 21" LG monitor has legacy VGA and a set of RCA composite sockets! And thankfully an HDMI socket. What’s the best way of connecting it to the MacMini?

I have some extra HDMI to HDMI cables which I could add an HDMI to USB C adaptor to. I see that HDMI splitters also exist! What’s best for picture quality?

Thanks in advance.

If your Dell has DisplayPort options, you can inexpensively get a DisplayPort --> USB-C cable. That frees up your HDMI port for the 21" and also ensures likely the best picture quality out of both displays.

I use a USB-C to HDMI adaptor to hook up my second monitor to my Mac Mini. As I had plenty of spare HDMI leads I chose the adaptor over a dedicated lead. I have been using it for several months and I have been really happy with the picture quality. The adaptor I use is linked below.

Thank you @justindirose. It does indeed and I had not considered that option. Will the DisplayPort - USB-C cable perform better than HDMI - HDMI with an adaptor? I am reading that it will. Not I would notice the difference! What say you?

Thank you @darranwest. I was heading in that direction and may still choose that very same adapter. I appreciate your suggestion.

Yeah it should be fine :slight_smile: I use that myself for multiple screens and I don’t notice a difference.

Thank you @justindirose. I chose DP option.

I have two Dell 24 inch monitors on my Mac mini 2018. I have one connected via HDMI, the other on usb c. This setup works well with no difficulties.

Rather than an HDMI adapter, I use a HDMI male to USB C male cable.