One of ProRes Video: anyone using it?

I have been buying the 128gb option and for the iPhone 13 Pro, the 128gb version does not support recording in 4K ProRes. The same is true for the iPhone 14 Pro.

This is all fine as ProRes is not something that I can use ….

I am curious if anyone is using it and if so, what is your use case…

I’d also think that file sizes would be huge and as such, because the lightning connector is slow, the transfers would take ages…

That’s a good point. I assume even the new models are still USB-2?

WiFi uploads can double (or more) USB-2 speeds, but still lacking compared to USB-3, etc.

Is transferring via lightning cable necessary? I haven’t done that in years at this point. I keep it pretty simple so forgive my ignorance…

Good point….

I have not needed to transfer as well but I assumed that these files are huge and video professionals may need to transfer it to their Macs for editing etc and in that case, the lightning cable connection would be used.

@JohnAtl as far as I know, even the iPhone 14s still are only USB 2 speeds. At that point, I gather airdrop maybe quicker but not sure how reliable airdrop is when sending files that are in GBs

I bought the 256 GB version of the iPhone 13 Pro especially so I could use ProRes. It is good, but I only use it for short stretches of mainly wildlife video. I like filming birds and butterflies.

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