One time purchase app for envelope budgeting?

It’s a GUI double entry bookkeeping program, so it does all the setup and arranging in the background, so no need to fiddle with formulas etc in the background. It also allows for budgeting if you wanted that, and it has in built graphs. Allows easy creation and files and will highlight any issues you make with the double entry. One of the big features is that it can link online and collect investment data if you want that (well, share prices - you have to do the hard work in terms of the buy and sell).

It’s FOSS software and actively developed. There’s pretty good help online and the manual is good if you ever need to use it.

I wouldn’t call it hard to use if you can already use double entry book keeping.

I just use a Google Sheets document, not really very sophisticated but very customized. I believe double entry stuff to be overkill for my use case: my indicators are “how much am I worth this month” and “what are my recurrent vs point expenses”.

Each month I download my bank reports and methodically update the Excel file, this is about 1hr. But as @Jvet said, I almost enjoy it.

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