OneDrive and kernel panics

Hi all,
My 2018 MacBook Pro, a work machine, started restarting unexpectedly last week. I was concerned it had developed a hardware fault, but I noticed that every single report referenced a OneDrive file. A bit of googling revealed I am not the only one having this issue since the most recent OneDrive update. Seems a number of MacUsers, mostly quite irate, are noting this on Microsoft support pages.

So, if your Mac panics, you might not have to. I have managed the problem so far by only running OneDrive when there is no other load on the machine. Inconvenient, but I’m hoping for another update soon to sort this out.

OneDrive has always seemed like a cpu hog. I keep all my files on my hard drive, and this seems to be part of the issue too, but I prefer to know I can get at them rather than relying on OneDrive. This behaviour just reinforces my inclination to not be dependent on this software.


I’ve had one in the last couple of weeks too, most of the time OneDrive is behaving fine and don’t see the cpu hogging behaviour on the Apple Silicon version.

My solution was to ban OneDrive from my Macs after experiencing OneDrive (sometimes) going crazy.

It is one more thing my Synology is doing now: I am syncing my OneDrive folder via the Synology to the NAS - and my Macs mount the volume from the Synology anyway.

If somebody (with a Synology) is interested: it can be easily done using the Cloud Sync app.

hi, I am interested. Never thought of syncing via Synology NAS. As a matter of interest, is this a 2-way sync, i.e. any file deleted will be removed from NAS as well as OneDrive?

Yes, it syncs deletions as well. :slight_smile: