OneNote URL Link help

I am trying to get links from OneNote to my calendar (to have the link from the meeting to my meeting notes which are usually worked on before the meeting).

When in OneNote on iPhone and Mac (apparently doesn’t work on iPad OneNote and is a known issue), you can pretty easily get a link to the page you are on.

When I put these links in calendar/Apple notes it gives one link to the web and one to the app starting with OneNote:urlscheme. For some reason the apps don’t include the OneNote: in the actual link.

Any ideas of what to do?

If I manually go and add // to make it OneNote://urlscheme it works as expected on iPhone and iPad, but on my iMac it tries to open a webpage. The iMac prefers the OneNote:urlscheme to open the app.

Hello Jmanko16

A workaround would be to find the web URL for each OneNote page that you want to link to.

On Safari, log in to your MS account > OneNote > Find the page > Copy the web URL > Done.

I know it’s not what you are looking for, but a web url is a web url.