Online Learning Platform

Hi All,

I know there are a lot of educators in the room - I am a teacher and I have been really expanding my tutoring and online teaching business over the last few months…Does anyone have a suggestions for an online learning platform for a SMALL tutoring business? For all the schools I teach at we use the biggies - Moodle, Schoology etc… and they work great… but Im a one person shop. Ive been doing fine with Zoom and Just a Google Docs Syllabus with links to shared documents with each student - and that’s fine. Just curious to see what others use??

I tried Google Classroom - but there are so may restrictions on who can join and if I use Gsuite its different than my Gmail etc… For my School, google classroom works great because all my kids are in the same domain - when I use my private Gsuite, my tutoring kids aren’t so it doesnt work - maybe I am missing something! If someone has ideas for how to make google classroom work, I would just try that!

Im also thinking about a free version of Canvas …

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A few years back I used the free version of Canvas. I wanted my school to go with that program, too, but we chose Brightspace D2L. Anyhow, back to Canvas, it was great! Lots of features in the free version, very media friendly.

I would recommend it.

Great. Thanks. I will explore that.

I highly recommend Canvas. I use if for a graduate course I teach in business management and we use it at the private school where I serve as Head of School (private school version of Superintendent).