Only problem with new magic keyboard/trackpad for iPad Pro

Just got the new magic keyboard/trackpad for my existing 12.9" iPad Pro.

This is truly a game changer, and not just for iPad-only people. I continue to use multiple Macs (desktop, laptop, mini) along with my iPad.

For me, the biggest advantages:

Backlighting - Can finally work in dark or dim light without having to switch to using the onscreen keyboard. Makes a huge difference late at night, outside in backyard or patio, and (eventually) in poorly lit coffee shops and other on the go locations

Real trackpad mouse - My main use case (which justified the business expense) is remote connection to my client’s Windows and Mac desktop and server systems which I am supporting totally remote from home at this time.

With JumpDesktop I’m getting full native mouse/keyboard remote control. People in my house swear I’m sitting in front of a PC or Mac, not an iPad.

Sum is greater than all the parts - Any one feature is probably available in a cheaper way (wireless BLE mouse, 3rd party backlit keyboards), but the combination with the extra charging port, and the floating docking station mount, is breathtaking.

Other than the AirPods / AirPods Pro, (and the MacPro which I can’t justify) this is one of those “one more things” Apple product that is truly rewarding.

My only “problem” is I want a 15" or even 17" size iPad and magic keyboard. Then I might truly consider ditching the laptop and maybe even the desktop.


One of my executives had a 17 in MacBook Pro. He loved it and it was a true desktop replacement but it only traveled between his office and home. It was too big for anything else. I suspect a 17in iPad is a real possibility, but probably not for a few more years.

The most popular MacBooks are 13 in and I would guess the most popular iPads are 10-11 inch. Current iPad Pros are still waiting for more professional applications and I don’t think we will see larger models until after the applications catch up to the hardware.

In the meantime, enjoy your iPad Pro & new keyboard. Report back after you’ve had some time with the keyboard.

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After reading this, I can’t wait for mine to arrive! I’m currently using my 12.9 with the Magic Trackpad while on the back patio listening to the birds and the water fountain. This will be even nicer when I don’t have to take my hands off of the keyboard to use the trackpad. Obviously, a first world issue.


I am also impressed with it overall!

Personally, however, instead of a bigger iPad, I think I’d want better screen output functionality (to include mirroring it to my iMac). If the iPad were able to mirror (or better yet, extend) the screen, scaled appropriately, to a larger monitor, the functionality would be spot on for me!

I can only imagine this is in their road map somewhere — it just makes way too much sense!


Thank you for the informative review. Like @Bmosbacker, I am now even more excited for mine to arrive!

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On an almost totally unrelated note: what’s the name of that Discourse client of yours? Neat!

This 100%.

I want to keep my 12.9 as the mobile size. But I want to dock it, when in the office to an external keyboard, magic trackpad, and a 4K monitor without bad scaling or pillars.

That’s my dream setup right now.


+1 for this question. What are you using? It looks way better than the standard iOS app.

Same here. I’d like something like spaces, too, so I can have my iPad screen displaying one set of windows and another set on the bigger screen. I’d also like if there could be a way to manipulate the external screen through the iPad with touch and without “needing” to use the trackpad if you didn’t want to. I have no idea whether such a thing is possible, but it would be cool. Maybe a little Minority Report.

I’m wondering if it’s Fig. I liked the looks, too, so I did a little Googling and found Fig in the App Store, If that’s not what @Bmosbacker is using, it looks really similar.

Hopefully in IOS 14, allowing use of an external Monitor as a second screen (a true second screen) may satiate your need for a larger iPad Pro.

I’m really hoping this happens.

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In this thread @Bmosbacker said he’d downloaded Fig.

This should be the link to the Fig app.

This is really great. I already downloaded and started using the app. I’m glad the question was asked!

The only thing I have not been able to figure out how to do this to quote a previous comment when I am replying. Is that possible, or is it a feature still to come?

(Yes, I probably should be posting this reply in the original thread.)

It appears that they are working on it.

Just popping my head back into this thread to mention that my Magic Keyboard finally arrived last week for my 12.9” and it is glorious. I can’t really add much to all the nice things that have been said about already.

If you are considering one and are fortunate enough to be in a position to afford it in these tough times, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Hope you are all well.