Opening a New Tab in Safari

I’ve been using this 2020 Intel MacBook Air for months now and it has this one nagging problem. It’s not a big deal–it’s just weird. When I open a new tab in Safari, there’s about a 50% chance that I’ll get the beachball for 2-3 seconds before the new tab appears. Why? It’s basically the only time I ever see the beachball and it’s such a simple task.

I’m running the latest macOS (11.4). I’ve ditched all my Safari extensions except my password manager, but this made no difference.

Anyone have thoughts?

Any extensions running?

Change in preferences: New tabs open in ‘Empty Page’. I found that eliminated the beach ball for me.


I have the same thing. Annoying bug.

Thank you! This does indeed solve the problem. I knew someone here would have an answer!

Not sure I’ll stick with this, as I kind of like the Safari start page, but it’s satisfying to know where the bug is.

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