Opening .msg e-mails on Outlook for Mac

Well, this is ridiculous. My paralegal spent hours saving various emails for my review this weekend. She’s on a Windows PC, and all of the Outlook emails are saved as .msg files. They won’t open in Apple Mail–no problem, I figure, since I have an Office 365 subscription that has Outlook for my Mac. Double click on the first .msg email, and it creates a new email with the .msg email attached as an attachment. I double-click that, and it does it again.

Rather than cursing Microsoft for not allowing Outlook for Mac to open .msg emails, I am in search of a solution, preferably easy and free.

Any recommendations on how to open .msg emails on Outlook for Mac? I searched it on my search engine of choice, and I’m getting recommendations for sketchy-looking apps and just plain wrong advice (like, use Outlook for Mac as part of an Office 365 subscription – nope, doesn’t work).

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FWIW, there multiple programs in the Mac App Store ranging from free to $20 that claim to open .msg files. I’ve never used any of them. Just type msg in the App Store search field.

I used the free version of „MSG Viewer for Outlook“ (App Store) for this and it worked ok enough for me … luckily I rarely needed to open .msg files anyway

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For posterity:

I’ve tried several of these options. While I find it baffling that Microsoft doesn’t allow the Mac version of Outlook to open .msg files, the best app for this is:

MSG Viewer Pro

(Not to be confused with MSG viewer for Outlook & MSG viewer for Outlook Pro, which are mediocre at best).