Opinions about 16,17, & 18 MacBook Pro 15”

Ok guys it’s time for an upgrade. I’m going to buy a 15” MBP with Touchbar, but not sure on which year to buy. Obviously I can still get a 16 for a lot less via refurb, but I found a killer deal on the 17 at BH Photo for close to same prices. However I’m extremely intrigued over the 18 with the 6 core and True Tone obviously I’ll pay prob $500-$600 more for the 18.

Looking at at least a 512GB SSD, but would like 1TB.

Just curious on opinions. Thanks!!!

Based on the (hopefully) fixed keyboard in the 2018 models, I wouldn’t consider the 2017 or 2016 MacBook Pros.

If you’re not going to be using very CPU or GPU intensive workflows, I’d get the 2018 model. Pay more up front for probably the least likely to have keyboard malfunctions.

That being said, I have a 2016 model and have only had issues with a key being stuck once, and it went away in a day or two.

You didn’t mention your cpu choice, but folks are up in arms about the i9 throttling due to heat, and being slower than an i7.
Apparently Apple is trying to lower their arms.

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@JohnAtl Yip - appears to be mostly(?) fixed – which is a bit of relief.

Hoping the 2018 keyboards have been sorted, guess we will have a better idea 6 months down the line.

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I hear the 2018 models are for pros who are compressing video, etc. and come with an accomanying $3k price tag. I have a cheap 2016 MacBook Escape but I can feel it lag at times doing simple things as text editing (granted it is a LOT of text). I have had a key get stuck and had to have Apple replace the whole kit and kaboodle for free. I fear the day it sticks and they make me pay for it. If money is no object, get an 18. If it is, get a souped up 17 (refurb or not).

I’d go 18 since I could justify the price to myself (I’m not too tough to convince). The keyboard is likely to be better, true tone is a wonderful bit of tech and it’s likely to stay ‘modern’ longer.

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The True Tone and, most importantly, 32 GB of RAM Option is what’s causing me to upgrade from a ‘16 Model a bit sooner than I would normally switch.

Don’t know whether the RAM option has an impact or not on your needs.

Also, the throttling thing is apparently fixed in an update according to Apple (not sure how that slipped through their tests…?!).

I adore True Tone on my phone and iPad and was thinking that it would be fine without it on the MacBook Pro. Totally wrong. I tried it for a couple hours just to see and at least for me I feel lots of eye strain when the screen is too blue.

Thanks for everyone’s thoughts. I’ll prob go with the 18 just for the True Tone and ability to put 32G of ram in and future proof for a long time hopefully.