Optimized for M1 and plugin architecture

Does anyone know whether software supporting a plugin architecture requires all plugins to be optimized for the M1 in order for these plugins to work, if the software itself is optimized for M1? I’m facing this with Affinity Photo, where the software itself is, but the Nik and Topaz plugins are not. They work stand-alone, but cannot be launched from within Affinity any longer. I realize I may have to go to Affinity’s or the plugin makers’ support, but wanted to see whether some dev’s may know that this is a requirement put forth by Apple.

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I believe this is the case, at least from what I’ve read it is in music production (if you have a plugin going through Rosetta, you have to use your whole production chain through it).

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Wouldn’t it depend on whether the plug-in contains actual executable code?

for example, if it’s javascript that wouldn’t be the case.