Optimizing OmniFocus and Exporting Tasks

Thoughts on optimizing this system? Currently I:

  1. Add all tasks to reminders via Siri
  2. OmniFocus automatically imports my Reminders
  3. I process in OmniFocus, but sometimes I want them to be an idea in Notes or Ulysses, so…
  4. I have to copy the text, then share into a note or Ulysses, then delete the task

Nothing gets left out, but it is a pain to get non-essential tasks (i.e. ideas) out of OmniFocus

A. Is there a better way to do this (Shortcut, Drafts, etc)?
B. Is there a quick way to export the text of my current ideas out of OmniFocus and delete the tasks, without linking back to an OmniFocus task?

Thanks in advance!

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Dictate to drafts and then use the actions to send it on its way.

You can use shortcuts to do that, and with interactive siri in 13.1 automate the whole shabang!