Options for automatic gmail attachments to DropBox?

It seems that both IFTTT and my zapier task for saving attachments from specific senders to drop box have stopped working. I have tried reconnecting and all the suggested tips.
Any ideas or other options to try using hazel or other plugins would be great

I use SaneBox for this (paid, but possibly worth it), and then Hazel to automatically move files from the relevant Application folder created in Dropbox into a more suitable folder for my purposes.

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+1 for Sanebox. I’ve used them for years and consider it essential.

OK I have sanebox but never turn that feature on since I already had Zap working along with Hazel. I guess I’ll have to go in and adjust rules in Hazel to look in the same app folder or whatever it created. Ugh.

Do you happen to have an example workflow or can you tell me how you set hazel up and where to look since what I have seen every time sane box sends a file to dropbox it creates a new folder within the sane attachments folder?
This is far from optimal since I get several emails with attachments I have no desire to save, shipping labels, news letters that come in pdf form so on. There is no way in sane box to setup saving attachments from only certain senders.

I got the following from Zapier yesterday.

Hey Brett!

So sorry about this! I’ve investigated deeper into the issue, and it looks like you’re being affected by an issue with Gmail.

I’ve gone ahead and added you to a report about this so that the app’s technical team can look at it. This does the following:

  • Re-raises this issue with the dev team
  • Adds weight to the issue in our queue
  • Reminds us to update you once this is resolved

I’m afraid that I don’t have an ETA on when there might be a resolution but you’ll definitely be notified as soon as we hear back that it’s been fixed.

Sorry, I don’t have better news here. In the meanwhile, let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help.