Ordered a 16" today

Did I NEED it? No. Do I want it? YES.

16" Max, 2TB, 32GB. It’s due to be delivered Dec 2-9. Happy holidays!


Same here. Definitely do not need it and my five year old mac is going pretty well. Early Christmas gift for myself.

I got the same as you but with 1tb storage … arriving end of October…


I’m happy with my M1 MacBook Air and Mini, but these are great Macs, obviously. I hope you all have a lovely time together for many years.


Interesting puzzle about order dates.

I placed an order this afternoon for 16" M1 Max, 64Gb, 8Tb. Delivery date was Dec 10-23.

Just checked now and for the same order delivery date is Nov 17-24.

So I placed a new order and cancelled the first.

I wonder why the dates moved up like that.

My only worry about notebooks at that price is snatch thief or car break ins, in future. These are expensive machines which people can easily snatch while you are working on it on a coffee table or in the park.

FileVault and Activation Lock should render a stolen MacBook pretty useless. Of course, there are stupid thieves out there, so insurance may still be a good idea.

For sure theft is a concern for any laptop. Insurance coverage is readily available if you have a homeowner’s insurance policy (and probably other ways too). Fortunately there is nothing external that highlights an upgraded MBP to a random observer; I transport mine in a ratty old travel bag which does not suggest any tempting target.

That said - as @ChrisUpchurch notes if you configure a Mac laptop correctly it is not of much use to a thief.

Most notably - the concept of a portable computer this capable is stunning and makes for a really capable productivity tool for anyone whose work relies on a computer and lots of documents or data.

Related question - is there a good (and ideally unobtrusive) way to add an AirTag to a Macbook Pro?

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Since I don’t do either of those things I’m OK. :slight_smile:

I just ordered a 16" MBPro with 32 Gb ram and 2Tb SSD. Due last week in November. Stoked!!!

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