Organizing Albums in Apple Music

I have a bunch of albums in my music library and am looking for some logical way to organize them. What I would really like is some what to create sub-groupings within my library that will allow me to view a narrowed list of albums rather than have to sort through the entire library when I am setting up a play queue. As far as I can tell no such thing exists. Anyone out there have a strategy that works well for them. I am all ears. Thanks!



How about filtering by Genre? You could also organize by Decade (original release date) if you have the metadata available. It all depends on what scheme makes sense to you, and how you prefer to listen.

FYI, the overhead of managing local media libraries is one of the reasons I have been all-in on streaming services for a long time.

Just seeing this.
Have you been using smart playlists? This is great at targeting sub-groups by using combinations of rules.

I have several idiosyncratic groupings. And by making a smart playlist you can target them.
Be careful to note down somewhere the names of your groupings since Music doesn’t provide a list of what you’ve created.

Using the comments field can be helpful too. I have many recordings that were digitized from my vinyl LP collection and these albums say “LP” in the comments. And using Smart Playlists you can have that playlist find all the recordings with LP in the comments. And I wanted to subdivide by genre I could do that too.

I know it’s been a year since you asked. Hope this helps.