Original Ipad Pro 12.2 Battery Drain

This link describes my problem nothing changed on my end but the last few months i noticed i will wake up ipad dead just from being in its usual attached to the keyboard position and I’ve NEVER had battery issues as long as i owned the device. I don’t use the apple pencil and for now I’ve disabled BT until I can get to the root of the issues. Honestly i suspect its a bug with iOS as no background apps or apps in general are using the battery per reviewing settings. Honestly i haven’t used my ipad much and when i go to pick it up its dead - what a turn off


Please let me know if anyone else has experienced this??

I had this issue when I had Apple’s keyboard on it. If I remember the problem was fixed when I got the keyboard switched out.

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Maybe a silly question, but have you rebooted your iPad? That sometimes helps with iOS weirdness and is often overlooked (by myself) ‘cause of the always-on nature of these devices.

ugh guess this might be 2nd keyboard replacement my original one had to be replace wouldn’t stay connected

I think your right I’m doing a test as went to pick up iPad battery on 17% … so I disconnected keyboard charging now but will take off power before going to sleep to see what percentage its at in the morning

this is really annoying

well in a way bc its always deed it boots up as if it did a soft reset