OS Clean Install - Migrate specific prefs

I’ve been having random weird issues on my iMac running Mojave for years. I’m now thinking of migrating to Catalina, and hope that this will solve some of my crashing/bad behavior issues. I’m going to do a clean install, and manually reinstall each app. However, there are prefs and configurations that I have for many apps, that I wouldn’t want to have to redo. To that end, is there an easy was to migrate the prefs/configs for just those specific apps, and not all of the others? I know that Apple’s Migration Tool allows this to a limited degree, but I’m hoping there’s something better, that’s much more granular.


In a word, no. I wish there was.

Agreed. Even the hard way does not always work due the quarantine bit that gets added to files from external drives.

I think that one of the reasons for a clean install is to get rid of all the preferences and supporting data that might be causing the trouble :crazy_face:

@MacExpert, that is an excellent point: plist file corruption.