OS Development Tradeoffs


Clearly it’s not a money issue. I can roof my home faster too, if I put 100 people on my roof, right? Not!

I tend to think they have an ongoing scale issue that creates big issues for management. If iPad was a business that had to manage everything about iPad … it would get done. I’m not suggesting they should break up Apple. I believe Apple has been build over time in a way that creates a lot of constraints. They are a product of their success and their blind spots.


From the outside we can speculate, and from the inside Apple can model and predict.
With the roof example, 100 roofers would get it done quicker than 1, but maybe no quicker than 50. It depends a lot on how big the roof is and how well organised they are for division of labour :slight_smile:
Of course if there aren’t enough skilled roofers in the market, there’s another barrier.