OT-The Lambing Will Be Tweeted

If anyone wants to follow the lambing here in Western Colorado at Desert Weyr I do it on Twitter as @OogieM.

Warning, it is the unvarnished truth about farming life. Sometimes the pictures are cute, new lambies and sleeping ewes, sometimes graphic, guard dog eating the placenta to keep the predators from scenting it and sometimes sad, necropsy photos if any sheep die. But it’s all part of the life of a shepherd.

Had a scare yesterday, the ewe Yoly started to prolapse and is now wearing a fashionable blue baling twine harness to keep everything inside. I’ll get a picture today and send it out.

The lambing scoreboard is set up and my lambing bags are filled and by the door. We are L minus 5 days and counting to first possible live lamb based on our flock records going back 22 years. L minus 8 days to most probable first lambing date. 7 ewes were synchronized and will all likely lamb in the same 72 hours.

I do try to answer tweets in between lambing but the sheep come first so replies may be slower than normal.

And an aside, I find TweetDeck good for curating the twitter feed.


Been following you on twitter. Look forward to seeing your posts. Sending you good luck. Happy lambing.

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Want to play “When will She lamb?”

Candidate number 1 Rhona, synchronized

Candidate number 2 Myfina, synchronized

There is a third one but I cna’t get close enough to read her tag I think it’s Gwernen. No pix yet.

Gwernen will go first.

You named your sheep Rhona? That turned out to be an unfortunate choice!


Rhona the sheep is 7 years old and a daughter of Mycroft x Rhian. That was when I was still naming ewe lambs with the same starting letter as their mothers.

I’ve seen coronavirus referred to as “the rona” in memes.

I was kidding about the unfortunate choice. It’s a fine name.

ah, I avoid memes as a rule so I hadn’t seen them. Rhona is a good sheep she’s produced 8 lambs for us so far. Myfina has produced 11 lambs so far. She’s a daughter of Llywelyn and Mabli.

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And the Winner Is…

Yvette, who wasn’t even on my list of sheep to watch. Tangled twins but all out ok, ram and ewe.

Lambs have to have names starting with a C.

Sci Fi or mystery character names preferred but I’ll also throw in ringers. . I’m making a list. Obvious ones are already on the Calrissian, Chewbacca, Chekov, Capella, Capaldi, Cheech and Chong (will have to be a set of twin rams :slight_smile: can’t duplicate a name I’ve ever used before for a registered sheep.

Yvette goes back to Mycroft and the sire of these lambs is Sterling, my star and best demo sheep. He comes when called, knows his name and can work a crowd like you would not believe, walking up and down the line letting everyone scratch his chin and feel his wool.

I’m expecting about 30 lambs total.

Chiana, or Crichton (Farscape)
Colossus (The Forbin Project)
Caesar (Planet of the Apes)
Christie (Agatha)

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Cassius (Red Rising)
Caylith (Dragonriders of Pern)