Other communities like this?

Hey all,

A bit of a random question, but…

I’ve really enjoyed this community – I discovered it as a fan of the show, and it’s turned in to one of my favourite places to browse and discuss over the last couple of months. I’ve really appreciated the respectful, er, “lower energy” discussion that is hard to find on Reddit, and the more thoughtful volume than places like Discord.

Not to mention, the software is a delight!

What other communities like this do you frequent? As a fairly nerdy tech guy, where else should I hang out? Where else can I learn from kind, smart people?

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the Keyboard Maestro forum is very similar in so much as people there are nice and very helpful.


I would be surprised if there is another place like it. This forum is purely a reflection of the character of the people who started it and who maintain it. :heart:


If you’re interested in automation, Automators Talk is great as well. It’s a companion to the Automators podcast, another one of Relay FM’s excellent offerings.


I’m relatively new here so am probably not the best person to answer this. But it’s easy to see quickly what a great place this forum is. Other great places on the internet which seem to have a similar positive & productive vibe include:

Of course, these are more interesting if you actually use the software in question … but even if not, you’ll find many good ideas and conversations there.

A few other suggestions:

  • If you’re interested in Zettelkasten, check out the Zettelkasten forum. It’s run by the guys who make The Archive app, but the discussions are mostly software-agnostic.
  • If you’re interested in eBooks, check out the MobileRead Forums (this is also the home to the calibre forum, which is a great app)
  • If you’re interested in time management, check out the forum attached to Mark Forester’s blog

One thing I’ve been looking for, as someone who recently started using a Windows machine part-time, is a comparable community for Windows users. Does one exist?? The closest thing I’ve found is the DonationCoder.com Forum, but if anyone knows of others please do share!


MacStories Discord server.

RelayFM, the podcast network to which MPU belongs, also has a discord server. I have not spent much time on it.

+1 for the Zettelkasten forum if you’re into that.

NotePlan’s discord server is also a fun and friendly place (and I’m not a huge fan of discord generally).

+1 for the keyboard maestro forum. It’s a great place, and many of the frequent posters there are also present here. If you’ve never really got into keyboard maestro (the software), don’t worry, you’ll provably join us sooner or later.

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