Other Hardware/Company Category

With Apple discontinuing the Airports, I think we need an Other Company or Other Hardware category to talk about Eero, Google Wifi, etc. Otherwise those posts will go all over the place. :wink:


Honestly I think it’s good to have Hardware as just one category. Maybe in time. I’ll tag @RosemaryOrchard though to weigh in. Personally that’s where search comes in (something Facebook wasn’t great in). Also it’s good to have a catch-all for hardware vs. having a lot of different categories.If the forum had 20k members I could see wanting to split stuff off but at this size I think less categories is better.

Discourse really discouraged setting up too many categories to start. Remember you can always add tags to your post. This forum also has great search tools at the top of the page.

I think we’re going to hold off adding any additional categories for now.