Out for my daily run and nothing showed up (humor)

This has nothing to do with tech or MPU, just a little humor, which we can all use in times like these. I hope the moderators will indulge me.

So I’m out on my daily run and with sweat flying off my face like the spray off the bow of a fast moving boat, I zoom past the just placed speed radar sign in our neighborhood.

Nothing. Nada.

Apparently I need to run faster! :running_man:


Do you have a subscription for that service? :smiley:

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You see zero but I see infinite (potential)!


No but if it makes me look good it would be worth it! :slight_smile:

Now that is a positive way to look at it! :slight_smile:

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Put a large piece of foil under your shirt. You lacked enough reflective area.

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That made me laugh. :slight_smile: So, are you saying that I’m dull? :slight_smile:

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I came here to post that Office clip, haha!


Wear a tinfoil hat to reflect the radar signals :crazy_face:

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That’s hilarious! I’ve never watched The Office so I was not aware of the scene. It almost makes me want to watch the series. :slight_smile:

Fellow runner here, in my area, those radar signs are actually sensitive enough to pick up me running on by at a leisurely 7mph; downhill with a tailwind, maybe 8mph.

Is that suppose to make me feel better? :joy: :running_man: