Outlines: need to work in Word and in iOS


I’m locked into creating outlines in Word due to office sharing and limits with software the staff uses, but I’m interested in doing my work on an iPad. Yes, Word exists on the iPad but the outlining features are limited.

Ideally I could use an app such as Omni Outliner and work then on the same file in iOS, but I cannot figure out how to get a file from Word that OO can open. (I’m told to export the Word file as OPML for compatibility with OO but can’t figure out how to do that.)

Summary: need to work on outlines in Word on Mac, then continue work same file with some app in iOS, then back to Word on Mac. Has anyone created a workflow to do this?


You could save it as .txt then convert the text to a .opml outline format that OmniOutliner could read.

Here’s how someone did that 5 years ago with Drafts:

You could probably use Scrivener to do the same thing, since it exports to OPML

FYI there’s a discussion on Omni’s forum here about this.


I think iThoughts is pretty good in converting different file types including OPML as well.