Outlook email domain bounces iCloud email - help?

I’m part of a an email group set up by another person. He uses the domain @groups.outlook.com

But this domain bounces any iCloud email sent to it.

Does anyone know what’s going on here?

Does the receiving mail server send a response to your email that was sent via iCloud?

If so, what does the mail server say in its response (and possible attachments included in the response)?

It is complicated.


I seem to have deleted those error messages unfortunately

I don’t know much about these groups, but is it possible that these are an “organization” type thing and your iCloud email isn’t properly part of that organization?

It’s not an organisation. It’s a civil group

Outlook dominates the Email market and set their own rules. Everyhting can – and will – be deleted with no obvious reason.
It’s very typical Microsoft behavior if you ask me. “M(S)y way or the highway”. :frowning:

Is it possible this has something to do with the Mail Privacy Protections in Apple Mail (including iCloud mail)?


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Hi Katie. Thank you for your reply. Hmm might be. Several people though have reported it. Will look into it

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Is it bouncing @iCloud.com addresses or are you using a custom email domain with iCloud Mail?

@me.com but others have bounced from iCloud.com

I tried looking at the MX records (using mxtoolbox.com) for groups.outlook.com but kept getting errors and dropped connections

The test: spf:groups.outlook.com:all

resulted in:

“There is a problem. We were not able to find a Start of Authority (SOA) record which may indicate a DNS problem”

The last time I set up any new email domains was around 15 years ago so all I can suggest is to have someone check the DNS records for groups.outlook.com And that is just a guess.

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Thanks Wayne!! I just told the owner to email me next time it happens, so that I might find a solution if I have that error message. Will report back! Thanks!!

If you are going to examine one of the bounced messages you need an original, not one that has been forwarded.

You mean an original in the sense that I sent it? Or how you mean original?

The actual bounced message that is returned to the sender. If you are the sender it will be the message that is returned to you.

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