Outlook for Mac

I have been using the new Outlook for Mac with my school’s O365 subscription. I have been given a lot more responsibility since our department chair left (let’s leave that there).

I am living in Outlook now, which I don’t mind as an application. I just don’t like getting that much email and the many different ways people use email incorrectly is amazing to me.

Does anyone have any resources (websites, podcast, YouTube, etc.) for really getting into Outlook so I can manage this better? Like Outlook Power Users :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help.

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Was recently installing MS apps like Excel and Word and with the option to install Outlook, wondered if there’s a way to see (and selectively/batch select/delete) all the matching mails (same sender/subject) when reading a particular email.

Searched around and couldn’t find any info on this.

Sticking with MailMate.

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Maybe this will get you started. MS has 50+ videos in the Outlook section of the channel.


I’m not super familiar with Outlook for Mac, but for work I’m a heavy user of Rules on the windows client (only devs get Macs at my company :slightly_frowning_face:). Really straightforward, if this type of rules to send emails to different folders. For example, I have Zendesk alert emails trigger a pop up window so I don’t miss them (in addition to moving them out of the inbox to a dedicated folder). It’s made my life so much easier to manage.

Hopefully this helps: Create a rule in Outlook for Mac


Feel I should reply as I’m in the exact same
Situation; using ms365 for work and the new outlook client for Mac app. I like it because the search bar works and so far ‘focused email’ seems to work sorting out forum emails.

We have exchange server and I have had macOS’ built-in reminders app, notes and calendar all sync to Microsoft exchange for my work duties (I get these in my iphone too) …. That is until our IT began migrating to MS365 platform. Tasks and notes on outlook 364 all do not interact with Apple apps at this stage …. Which I welcome because Exchange seems primitive to today’s standards.

As for rules I find auto forwarding rules all work in the new Outlook. I use very simple categories to sort (jobs / admin / travel) that help me find things. The Smart Folders let you save advanced searches just like a FInder-smart folder and my direct team is always

I’m saying that things ‘simply work’ as the only
Positive compliment because i. The past when using MS apps our work provides I’ve had so many problems managing productivity within Outlook. As I’m More or less ‘forced’ to use these apps for work, the improvements are a good step in the right direction.

The new outlook for Mac offers stripped-down outlook features but retains the useful ones. I’d like to set a rule where every reply email starts with ‘hi [first name]’ and other automations. I do like the customisable toolbar, where I can ‘mark all as read’ and get rid of superfluous dept-heads comms.

Im looking forward to what the web based outlook is doing with synchronisation with the tasks and calendar apps - out look reads your emails and suggests you make appointments and tasks. This hails back to a missing feature in the new outlook; creating a task from the drop down menu based on an email which can be accessed in the task app and even the Apple reminders app. Even showing the original contents of the email. I don’t mind MS suggesting me make a task because I need to write down to-do lists all the time. I hope it comes to the Mac app.

Happy to engage further on this topic. Thanks for reading so far.


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Beware rules. I cannot remember the details but a colleague found there are some things that work differently depending on if you set up the rule on the web or in the app.

As for people “using email incorrectly”… there’s no such thing. There is, however, using email inefficiently. The definition of that is “what all corporate email looks like.” Learn to live with it because the vast majority of workers don’t care.

It would be nice if Mailmate didn’t end up keeping two copies of sent items when using the Outlook server. Bit of a pain.

I also seem to recall not being able to nicely use a HTML email signature (which I’m required to do) so I ended up having to move back to Outlook.

Outlook also has the nice scheduling tools for meetings - which is ideal when you’re working with people internally, though imagine it doesn’t work as well for people outside the organisation.

Back to your original question, I use the Windows version of Outlook all day long. Recently, I went looking for help on more advanced features, because it feels like it can do so much more than what I do with it. Except there isn’t much out there. I couldn’t find any power user stuff, except for some “tips” type articles. And that is for the PC version, that almost anyone with a corporate job probably uses. So obviously for the Mac version, there really is nothing.

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FYI. This MailMate issue is known ( see #2145 Do not store copies in Sent Messages - MailMate - freron for a detailed explanation by Benny) , and is not easily resolvable, as the behaviour of the Outlook server/Exchange protocol does not seem to have been standardised.

I have learned a bit from this YouTuber:

I did a quick look and she has more than a few videos about Outlook.


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I have found success using a combination of rules and flows in Microsoft Power Automate. For example, I have email rules set up to move notifications — from Google Docs, our Helpdesk software, LMS, etc — to a specific folder where Power Automate takes them, adds them to Microsoft To Do, and deletes the original email. Another flow in Power Automate that I have, adds a to do in To Do if I get an email from a specific set of email addresses — my teammates, boss, and boss’s boss.

All of that happens server-side in Microsoft/Office 365, so the email, task, and calendar app I use doesn’t matter. The email, reminders, and calendar apps that I use depends on what mood I’m in or what I want to do. Though I have to use Outlook for Mac if I want to see someone else’s calendar.

As far as videos, I would recommend looking into ones on Microsoft PowerAuto. There might be ones on flows that could help you out.


I regularly watch her Excel stuff, which is really good, her Outlook stuff is…ok. They feel a bit forced.

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This is Outlook’s fault. Microsoft is using a proprietary format instead of international mail standards.
If you have any other language than English, like me, even the Mac Outlook app does this.
Exchange is the worst.

I use outlook for Mac for work all day long. I have been very mixed on the redesign. Search has gotten a lot more powerful, which is a good thing, but they depreciated AppleScript support.

I don’t know of any resources, but I would point out the Send Later feature, just to the right of the Send button. I use this all the time, especially when I’m writing work emails late at night but I want them to not send until first thing the next morning.


It’s funny, because it occurred to me after reading your message that, yes, most of the time I have watched her stuff, its usually to answer an Excel question.