Outlook Webmail Access' address "storage" point on the Mac?

OK. This is an odd question about obscure data storage.

I use Outlook Web Access (OWA) on my Mac a LOT for work-email, etc.

For anyone who uses this, you’ll see email addresses auto-populate when you start typing previously used addresses into the “to” field.

I think that data is somewhere on my computer.

Where would I find it?

More info:

  • This works even for email addresses not on my exchange (these are the ones I’m looking to find)
  • Also works whether or not the person is in my address book
  • I misspelled an email address once and it got saved somewhere; so I kept accidentally sending email to a non-existent address – One of our techs had me clear a very obscure and special cache and it killed ALL of the saved email addresses (I was kind of mad – I wanted to edit/delete only ONE email address)
  • I use a lot of cache cleaning tools and they have never purged this “special spot” (CleanMyMac, Privacy Scan, and even sometimes Onyx)
  • That special spot may no longer exist on local machines and it may now be on the server-side (which might mean I can’t get to it) – There’s always a chance things changed from local storage to server storage over the years

Thanks in advance for any help!


The Autocomplete feature in OWA is stored in the Exchange Database on the Mailbox server (If this is an On-Prem org). If they are backing up Exchange with Veeam there is an easy way to recovery MAPI config files.

If they are on Office 365, they may be able to retrieve a config file from whichever backup service they use to backup mailboxes.

In the future, to delete only one address, type out a few letters of the address, when it comes up, navigate to it via the arrow keys, then press FN+Delete keys, that will delete the individual address.

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