Outstanding Metamuse Podcast with Craft Developer Balint Orosz

This is an outstanding podcast regardless of one’s experience with Craft. I’m very impressed with the values and perspective of the developer after listening to this podcast.

When you pay for software, are you paying for the data storage or the interface? Balint is the founder of Craft, a writing app designed for iPad. He chats with Adam and Mark about design conventions for multimodal input; why import/export is so important; and how to have humility about how your product fits into your customer’s life.


I’m not even a Craft user and I likewise enjoyed that episode! I also would recommend the one before it with Alexander from the company behind Agenda. Two different approaches to text management, and both quite thoughtful.


I’d be interested in Muse but $100/year is just too much.

I felt so much more comfortable about the future of Craft after listening to this Podcast. I”m going to go premium soon. I’m already premium on Agenda but I’m going to listen to that Podcast as well.

The developers of Craft understand their role in the vast amount of unique workflows and knowing they can’t be the only solution or focus on lock in is just the right type of attitude in a world that often forgoes such ideology in the chase for profit.

Yes, I very much appreciated the values articulated. Making a profit is good and necessary but I want it regulated by higher values than just the bottom line.

While I may have stated this before, or at least hinted at, one of the great things about Craft for my workflow is that I can send my Craft meeting notes to DT (my Hub) and the Todo’s in Craft directly to OF. The Craft export to OF feature, along with OF’s review and perspectives features, caused me to make the final change to my workflow, from Things back to OF.

Get the MP3 here or visit the episode webpage which makes it easier to download/listen if you don’t use Apple Podcasts: