Overcast on Apple Watch features

Unfortunately, I’m asking for a friend so I have limited details but some of you may be able to verify the answer quickly.

My friend has been using Overcast and Spotify on his iPhone for PODCASTS and controlling it using his Apple Watch. One big thing he would be able to do is to click on the skip forward button to skip over ads.

He said just recently, the skip forward buttons have disappeared.

He said he was using the latest OS on his phone and watch.

Can anyone verify with the last OSs that they see a skip forward/back buttons on their Watch in Overcast and/or Spotify?



I can verify that I see both buttons (skip fw/bk) on my Apple Watch when it’s running Overcast. Latest software all around.


Also have all the buttons, running TestFlight version.

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Sorry as I know this is probably a stupid question for both of you but I made this mistake previously. You are looking at the Overcast app on the Watch and not the Now Playing app(?) on the watch, correct?

I am looking at the Overcast App on the watch.

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left/right to skip back/forward 30 seconds (can be changed on the phone)

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I use the Now Playing app on the phone to control overcast and the skip forward/back buttons are there. Just used them today on a long drive. Had Waze displayed on the phone so it’s easier to use the watch to skip than changing screens on the phone.

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+1. Working fine for me.

On a related note… I’m not sure how long the following has been available, but I recently realized the (…) button leads to an option to change the play back speed. There was a time when this was an option via the CarPlay display, but the feature was removed. Access via the watch app works great.

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