OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock, Air Battery Life, & 2 Monitor Situation

So, I’ve been holding off on an Air for over a year anticipating first the keyboard fix and then the big refresh. In the meantime, I acquired what I thought would be the components of a great setup: two 27" Dell U2717D IPS monitors, swiveling monitor arms that mount to the desk, and an OWC Thunderbolt doc.

I thought I was being smart by preparing, but now I realize I might’ve gone off completely half cocked. I won’t really need to move the computer since I work from home now, and I hate working on just a laptop anyway–I feel like Shrek working on such a little machine and keyboard.

Does anyone have any idea how I can run the two monitors & speakers without keeping the Air plugged into power and ostensibly taxing the battery 24/7? Is taxing the battery in this manner just the price of doing business?

Background: I’m upgrading from a late 2012 27" iMac–first ten fusion drive and running just one external monitor at present.

Given that the M1 MacBook Air can only drive one external display and it sounds like you’ll be using this deskbound, you may want to consider the M1 Mac mini.


Ooof. My preparations really aged poorly. I didn’t even think to check this. Thanks. :grimacing:

Looks like there’s at least some sort of hack around this. I have no idea about the different dock capabilities but this seems promising.