Packing the scanner (nearly) last when moving!

Howdy everyone,

Moved for a new job, late last year and have been a bit disorganized and disconnected (and absent a lot, even from here).

Wanted to share something y’all might get a chuckle from (and/or also say, “As one does…”).

Took a photo of some of the last things I packed, which was a ScanSnap and an iPad on a portable table.

Kept them going until I took down the network!


P.S. Other moving-related stuff … It was "self-directed (used a packing company, but a portable container (POD) to ship my stuff) and I should have exercised more control over what was packed last/near the door for easy access:

  • “Dumb assumption” … I held back my Drobo and many things; but did not hold back my monitor for last. I’m only partially unpacked and can’t set up my Mac mini/Drobo combination. The monitor is ~somewhere~ in there…

  • Happy discovery: I buried my mesh networking devices (accidentally). Had to use the out-of-the-box T-Mobile Internet service device. It reaches everywhere I’ve needed and is working well so far. I might not have discovered this if I had packed the mesh gear closer to the front of the POD!

  • “Tripped over” 5G as home wifi service. A neighbor told me the only thing available on our street was very bad, cable-based internet. Some areas have T-Mobile’s 5G Cellular receiver as a WiFi gateway for home internet and it’s fast (for me)! … Link takes you to info on the device I got, etc. … I haven’t set up enough devices to stress it out and give a good/bad review; but so far, so good!


Oh yes!

I took my Drobo and Scansnap in my hand luggage when I moved from HK to London 8 years ago. No way I was going to allow a backlog build up to destroy my paperless workflow …

The told me the container would take 6-8 weeks to arrive. Didn’t want to risk my drives and was very glad to digitise all the new paperwork while settling in…