Palindrome Day and Times

In case you have not missed it and want to celebrate …

20-11-02 (02/11/20) at 02:11:20 or 20:11:02



Europeans have all the fun.

Military too! 021120 or 201102

Of course, you could have taken these alternate US times:

02:11:20 am and 02:11:20 pm

(drat, and I managed to miss it … I’ll have to run over to Texas now … @JohnAtl if you jump in and drive west from Atlanta, I can meet you in Birmingham AL … we have less than an hour so … drive fast … I’ll be with my thumb out at the 75W / 65N intersection )


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Pre-COVID, I’d say we could just go to the English Village for a meal and conversation.

Correction: most of the rest of the world have the fun.

As a non-US IT professional, I don’t think I’ll ever forgive the US for sticking with MDY once computers appeared. :no_mouth:


I thought that was the case, but didn’t want to look up a reference, etc.
I stand (in feet and inches) corrected :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dates are the bane of my programming existance. All computer calendar systems have issues and let’s not even go into the idiocy of daylight savings time and hwo that meses up storing meaningful date and time data!


I’m in the “store in UTC then convert to/from local time when needed” camp.

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I’m in the store as text fields in local time. Any conversions are an exercise left to the user. It only really matters in my world when timing fertility drugs in sheep and for them we work in a standard time zone and care about units of less than a month. Usually hours and sometimes days. For AI insemination time we care with a 15 minute window but again as long as we stick to a single time (we do use 24 hour times) we are ok.

In this forum, the un-initiated are probably first caught wondering why you have an Artificial Intelligence that requires its insemination time to be so closely monitored.

And then they might have to wonder how that whole operation goes down in practice. Do you have videos for show and tell?

(and yes, I realize from a different thread that AI means … something else)


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um actually I do, posted on an official government site no less. :grin:

First minutes or so of the link below.

The video of our inseminations was not posted. The outtakes were quite funny but not suitable to show the technique properly.

Sheep AI