Paperless update?

Hi @MacSparky , as I sit here quarantined in a spare bedroom I keep thinking that this would be a wonderful time to review the updated paperless field guide. Big Sur is finally here and the eyes of the world are looking longingly at you, anticipating the date for the official drop. Any news here??
Can’t wait!

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Based on last week’s episode of More Power Users, it sounded like evacuating for wildfires and subsequently having to send his iMac Pro in for repairs has delayed things a bit.

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did he ever say what was wrong with his iMac Pro? what kind of issue was it?

Hi Gang,

Something went wrong with the display as my iMac Pro. Thankfully I had AppleCare because they ended replacing the logic board, screen, and power supply. It’s like a new Mac on the inside. Now it’s back and rebuilt.

As to Paperless, I’m finishing up the last few videos. Looks like the final count will be about 90 videos with a runtime of 6:45. I’m hoping to release next week as I get all the final pieces in place.



Oh. I can’t wait for it. I’ve been wanting to go paperless for a while and have taken only a few steps. Looking forward to learning more about it. Thanks for your hard work!

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I have AppleCare for mine as well but it’s scheduled to expire in a few months. You’re not the only one I know who has had what sounds like this same failure. Usually I expect a machine that’s been around for a while to continue on without any major issues but I’m wondering now if that’s going to be a bad approach here.

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I own the first version and I’m so eager to discover the new one :grinning: