Parallels Promo 2021

Parallels has a great (IMHO) promo right now…

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People interested in Parallels might be interested in VMware, whose personal edition is free.

I would immediately buy that (upgrade) if the 1 year of Fantastical & 1Password was also for existing subscribers…

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VMware Fusion is a great app.

Parallels seems more interested in selling their app and bundles which includes their app every 12 months.

And, of course, neither of them can virtualize macOS on M1, so I’m currently out of the market.

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I might be wrong, but isn’t that the Player only? You can’t create new VMs with this license.

That could be, and I meant to include a disclaimer in my post.
I needed to use one of my VMs on Big Sur, and naturally the version I own isn’t compatible, so downloaded the Personal Edition, which let me run my VM.

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Perhaps, but I’ve found that a Parallels version tends to work for the latest macOS version and two further ones, so I only buy once every three years. And you don’t have to buy their “professional” version which is a subscription, their standard version works fine.

I’ve been a customer since their first release. My major gripe is their claims of performance improvements in each new version. Compound all their claims up to version 14 which I run now and I’m sure it should be running far faster than the native processor!