Partitioning primary drive without wiping

I’m toying with the idea of installing Mojave on a secondary partition, and the install guides I’m seeing are telling me I have to back up my drive, wipe the whole thing, create two partitions, and then reinstall my primary drive.

That seems insane to me.

Can I shrink partitions and create new ones (like in Windows) in the empty space?

Or would I be better to buy a USB drive of some sort and boot Mojave from that?

(Note: I realize that this is a risky activity. I’m not going to do this without backups. I get it. I just don’t want to jump through the wipe/restore process if I don’t have to!)

I don’t want to one of those guys but I’m pretty confident that Disk Utility can do this on the fly, i.e create a partition on the free space on a drive.

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Just a note - yes, Disk Utility worked for me.

I have no idea why the articles I was seeing insisted that one had to obliterate the contents of the drive.

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