Paste Heist - not how to do it guys

If you purchased Paste for Mac 2.5 or earlier and you don’t want to use the new version, you can download the old version here and use it forever without any limitations. Please note, Paste 2.5 is no longer maintained and you will not receive further updates.

This approach niggles. Maybe a warning when the app last auto-updated itself that it would need to be undone if I felt like a change in its commercial model wasn’t something I was up for? :-/

This isn’t intended as a critique of the subscription model, rather how you give existing customers the option (or not) of moving to it

Anyone know if I install the Setapp version whether my saved stuff will remain intact?

So it seems that in the same popup that holds your existing content to ransom, is a note that for existing owners there is an initial 6-month free period. At least that gives time to work out whether the Setapp version can retain a couple of years of saved content, but to be suddenly unable to access it in the middle of a mornings work is bad form.

I don’t know specifically about Paste, but I do know that versions of apps in Setapp are usually different apps at the OS-level. For example, the “bundle ID” for iStat Menus is normally


but the Setapp version is


so I would not be surprised if the Setapp version of Paste does not immediately see the content which was originally from the non-Setapp version. (I think it is possible for developers to work around this behind the scenes, but I confess not to know a whole lot about programming at that level.)

If Paste has a “Backup” and “Restore” feature, that would probably be your next best option.

Having said all of that, I’m sure they will have a lot of requests for this, so if they don’t already have a “How To” available, I would expect they will soon, so I would definitely email them to find out how to do it.