Paste joins the subscription bandwagon

Paste has just a new version and that it’s going subscription 99c / 99p a month or £/$9.99 a year.
I won’t be subscribing having paid recently for both platforms it’s not worth it to me

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That’s really disappointing. I think they’ve got the best UI for clipboard histories.

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Paste is still, as of today, available from SetApp.

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And the SetApp sub gives you paste in all platforms. Thankfully.

I mainly use for iOS since macOS has so many clipboard options. However I used to use it because it was lightening quick to pass to other devices, faster than Yoink, Copied, etc. hopefully that is still the case.


I have a Setapp subscription so have been using the full version on macOS but just the free version on iOS. It looks like this change will allow me to get full access on both platforms for no additional cost. A win, IMO.

I have been considering a switch to Copy ‘me Paste as a clipboard manager now that they have a beta out for iOS. Not sure how the change to Paste’s model will impact switching to that or just staying w/ Paste since it wouldn’t cost extra. Guess I need to give both a thorough testing to figure out which I like best cross-platform.

Never heard of this one and I can’t find it either.

Can you please provide a link?

I would like to see whether it’s better than Copied, which hasn’t receive updates in a long time.

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Because he misspelled it. :roll_eyes: It’s Copy’em Paste, and, along with PasteBot it’s probably the most powerful, full-featured multi-clipboard for the Mac. I’ve used it as my multi-clipboard app since 2015 (maybe even '14.) And with an iOS version currently in TestFlight beta I’m extremely stoked.

Mac App Store:


Even though I have this beta in TestFlight I did not recognize the name…

Time to clean up the Apps I try?

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Darn auto correct, fast typing, and failure to proofread before submitting.


I’m usually the first person to support subscriptions but Paste being a subscription is absurd. It’s a clipboard manager. I don’t need it to support multiple devices, I just need it for my Mac.

Glad someone pointed out Copy’em Paste as its way more powerful than Paste, not as pretty but that doesn’t matter. Let’s just hope they don’t go subscription either. Or better yet, Apple needs a clipboard manger as Windows 10 has one now.

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Jumped to copy 'em paste and as well as been a one time purchase it doesn’t have the same hanging / pausing issue when copying from the MS Office suite :slight_smile:

(shame it didn’t fix my ‘e’ key on this stupid keyboard though.)

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