Pasting data from Airtable to Numbers on mac

I feel like this is a silly question - but…

I have data stored in Airtable that I have been trying to ‘copy’ into Numbers. Often ‘one row’ of data… When I copy that run and paste to numbers - it pastes it all into one cell for some reason (in excel however it pastes it correctly into the correct cells). If I grab multiple ‘rows’ in airtable - it does seem to paste to numbers correct… But not just one single row.

Is this the same behavior others observe and any ideas how to fix it?

When you paste a row into Numbers, you should see a popover in the top right of your window somewhere which will allow you to modify the paste settings, specifically what it splits things on. The other thing I would suggest is checking to make sure you have selected a cell but you’re not editing a cell.

Yeah - the very strange thing is I get the popover when I have more than one row copied in airtable. It interprets the data correctly as table data with more than one row… Just one row it assumes it is text instead (whereas excel interprets correctly).

If anyone tests that out and finds numbers interprets that different I’d be curious to know - haha.

Thanks for the help anyways @RosemaryOrchard

I can select a row in an Airtable table and paste it to a Numbers table. I’ve noticed though that the paste gets truncated if the Numbers table does not have as many columns as the Airtable table. So if the Airtable table has 10 columns, bu the destination Numbers table has 5, I only get the first five columns pasted.