Pathfinder 8 - Scratchy at Upgrade Launch?

Thanks Tim! I need to try this out. I am not happy with v8 of Path Finder and bummed about it. Glad to know there is something else out there

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I did via twitter, they said it wasn’t possible:sob:

Oh well, doesn’t hurt to ask. And maybe they’ll consider adding this feature in the future.

nope, they said the Path finder guys did a hack to get there and they didn’t want to do it. I guess I’ll return to Path Finder because this is a deal breaker for me. At least PF 7 still works fine with High Sierra, will cross the bridge with get to Mojave.

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@timstringer Is the Forklift single user license ok to install on multiple Macs? The family license says 3 user accounts, does that mean 3 machines? I find this wording confusing.

I believe you can use the single user license across multiple Macs (works fine for me). On BinaryNight’s Store page the Family License description is:

Install ForkLift 3 on all user accounts on all Macs in your household. Businesses and educational institutions are not eligible for this license. Local taxes may apply.

…I didn’t see any mention of this being limited to three Macs. I recommend getting in touch with the developer if any further clarification is needed.

On a side note, Forklift 3 is also available through Setapp.

Thanks Tim, I go back and forth re: Setapp. If I didn’t already have all these apps individually it would be awesome. I am sure there are some in there I am not familiar with, but the big ones ( Ulysses, CleanMyMac) I already own separately.

I think I may join up once my Ulysses membership expires because its a better deal within Setapp.

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Oh my goodness. 10 seconds with Forklift and I am already in love. So much smoother already. Can’t wait to dig in!!

This is actually possible directly in native Finder. If you have a selection of files / folders, you can press CMD+CTRL+N and it’ll group them into a folder and the folder name highlighted to rename it.

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Good to know! I so rarely use Finder I’ve fallen a bit behind on the features that it supports.

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I have looked at Fork Lift several times and passed by. This time I have made a real effort with Forklift and found it’s a good Pathfinder replacement for me. It was a non starter for me in past because didn’t do hard yards and locked into my PF methods. I have to do some stuff a different way, but some elements of this are better than PF. Of course there will be pros and cons, … It really worries me its hard to get much sense out of Pathfinder and the simple question of whether they will support PF7 past Mojave. Something doesn’t seem right with PF - hope they get ship back on even keel, …

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Pathfinder 8 finally seems to be on its way. The Pathfinder people seem to think so as they have just done a promotion email and foreshadowed another update due. The only function I have noted not working is Email, but otherwise working fine. The sidebar remains a problem for some users and it remains to be seen if Pathfinder can create more flexibility with the sidebar. It was almost unusable in the early days. I am now happy to recommend that Pathfinder 8 is worth a trial, …